Our Company Values

The role of Quasatek is to obtain information, with a dedication to minimizing transaction risks for our customers and protecting their interests. A sound code of ethics is at the heart of our business processes. Quasatek promotes a corporate culture based on the following principles:


The success of Quasatek relies on the integrity of its employees, who abide by the following principles:

  • No Quasatek employee is allowed to accept any gift or favor, for personal or family gain, from any of the company's customers or suppliers. Failure to comply with this principle will result in immediate termination of the employee.
  • All Quasatek employees are responsible for reporting possible corruption involving the company in any way.
  • No Quasatek employee shall, directly or through intermediaries, acquire an interest in a supplier, customer or competitor of Quasatek.
  • Conflicts of interest or the appearance of conflicts of interest in business transactions are always strictly avoided.

Legal Compliance

  • Quasatek holds itself subject to all national laws and regulations of the nations in which we operate.
  • Quasatek is committed to doing business only with suppliers who comply with local labor laws.
  • Quasatek is committed to maintaining close ties with law enforcement authorities and to providing them with assistance in tracking and prosecuting corruption.
  • In case of conflict or legal ambiguity between different national legislations, our employees should seek advice from management.
  • Quasatek takes great pride in its business and is strongly committed to compliance with all local laws, having put in place the necessary safeguards to ensure policy is effectively adhered to throughout the Quasatek organization.

Safety and Transparency

  • Inspectors must carry out their duty according to international inspection standards as well as the specific instructions of our customers.
  • Quasatek will not conduct business with any factory that employs children less than 14 years of age in Bangladesh and 16 years of age in China, in compliance with the existing labor regulations in these countries. Should any such situation be encountered by our inspectors or auditors, authorities will be informed immediately.
  • Customers are regularly and transparently informed of major developments relative to their orders.
  • Employees will not disclose confidential information of any kind – including lists of our customers, details about specific transactions or any computer data or programs – to any third party.
  • For policy regarding privacy and protection of personal information provided during the registration process, please refer directly to our Privacy Policy.

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