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With the publication of the Implementation Rules for the Electronic Information Products’ Pollution Control Voluntary Certification (CNCA-RoHS-0101: 2011), the 1st batch product catalog for the certification and the announcement of the 1st batch of certification bodies and test labs, the Electronic Information Products’ Pollution Control Voluntary Certification (so called Voluntary China RoHS Certification, VCRC) [1] is formally implemented now.


VCRC is a voluntary certification issued by the Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA) and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China. It aims to promote the management of hazardous substances to the whole supply chain of Electronic Information Products (EIPs). Proposed benefits from this certification are multifold: companies can improve the ability of hazardous substance control and management, enhance product competitiveness and obtain government incentives.

In the Administrative Measure on the Collection and Use of WEEE Treatment Fund [2], it is clearly stated that environment friendly products can apply for the relief of fund fees. The detail provisions of the relief policy have not been published yet; however, according to relevant information disclosure in recent meetings, one possible scenario may be that enterprises can apply for the relief of fund fees if their products obtain VCRC. Therefore, it may be expected that VCRC will help enterprises save fund fees significantly when they place products on the China market. However, detailed cost/benefit information is not yet published.

According to the certification rules, the certification must be performed by an authorized certification body. In the 1st batch list, there are 3 VCRC certification bodies approved by CNCA. China General Certification Center (CGC) is one of the approved certification bodies and hosted the VCRC kick-off meeting for CNCA and MIIT on July 10 2012.

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