Obstacles with Doing Business in Bangladesh


In recent years, Bangladesh has become more involved in the world economy, opening its doors to international business interests and opportunities. The 21st century has brought a number of technological advances and significant economic growth to the country. As a result of increased relations and negotiations, the number of laborers within Bangladesh who have technical training and skill sets has grown dramatically, while the costs of both production and living remain lower than China, the quality is known for not being as high or as consistent. China has had a decade head-start working with and adapting to foreign quality expectations.

These changes have offered many advantages to businesses based in the Western world who wish to open manufacturing facilities abroad, creating a greater international business presence within Bangladesh. The emerging international business community within Bangladesh's borders calls for trustworthy on-site inspection throughout the production process, which can be difficult for Western-based businesses to staff.

In the business world, particularly within industries where competition is fierce, quality assurance can make or break a company's reputation. Manufacturing and packing facilities are often located far from company headquarters, and busy executives must trust that their far-flung production lines are running in a timely and efficient fashion in order to stay at the top of their fields. When problems arise, they must be handled by trustworthy personnel.


Inspection Agencies in Bangladesh


Companies based in Bangladesh can trust that our regionally based, on-site inspection agents are achieving and maintaining appropriate levels of quality control. Every step of production can be regulated through the use of a reliable inspection service. Our inspection services in Bangladesh include the assessment of pre-production schedules and plans to ensure timely outcomes and adequate materials.

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