For most oversea companies who never traded with China before must be afraid of to be cheated or scammed. This is normal thinking when you source something from a new supplying country; you'd better do some investigation or Survey work for avoiding your risks. Even for some experienced buyers there must be some bad experience with Chinese suppliers, whatever cheating or bad quality, delayed delivery, etc.

So how to make easy and safe Sourcing from China is a hot question for oversea international buyers.

We have few solutions for making your sourcing work easier and avoiding sourcing risks in China.

1. Do some home work before you source some products from China;

China is a very big country with 34 province region including Hongkong, Macau, and 4 big cities under Central gov control: Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Chongqing. Different regions have different products, or maybe some products are highly gather up in few regions, so firstly you should confirm which few or single region will be your target sourcing region, then your sourcing work will be much easier and clear; Then you can just focus on 1 or 2 regions, not whole China, and then what you should do is, looking for suppliers in the target regions.

2. it's very necessary to do supplier survey before you make decision to buy from them

Most bad experiences of sourcing from China were happened by fast trading without any survey or investigation for the supplier. Do not be too confident for yourself, when you lose money, you have nothing to do then. You’d better find a Chinese agent to do the supplier survey, because Chinese know Chinese much better than American, after a simple check of the supplier, you will know if the supplier is trustable or risky, and then make your decision. Hiring a professional product inspection service provider will be a good choice for you, who could act as your eyes in the factories.

3. Do not believe “Cheap” price

Some Chinese supplier offer very cheap prices for your product which can attract you eyes, but later on when you decide to source from them, they will find thousands of reasons to raise the price up, maybe you will give up this supplier, but you will your time, so when they offer a higher but reasonable price, you will probably accept, but you know, this is a trick.

4. Better make phone call instead of email always

In the email, you cannot feel what the supplier is, but make a phone call, you can get some feeling of the other side of the line, you can ask questions in the phone call, in a short reaction time, you can know the person more clearly, but some Chinese supplier really do not speak English very well, that’s a problem.

If you have any questions about sourcing from China, just sent email to us, Quasatek will try my best to help you.



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