Is it necessary to re-input the same factory's details at every booking?

No it is not. If the factory is already in your factory database, you just need to click the factory and select it from the list. You can easily update your factory details from the tab "Factories" of your online account.

I still have some missing information for the booking. What should I do?

Please feel free to append more information onto the service booking as it becomes available. Incomplete bookings will be stored in our system for 45 days.

Is it possible to include several products in thesame order?

Yes, if you have a running production of several products ready for Inspection on the same day in the same factory.

You will receive a separate Report for each added Product, at a cost of US$ 30 if no additional Man-Day is needed (2 Reports max per Man-Day).

Can I cancel an order?

Yes you can , until 4pm China Time the day before the Inspection and it is free of charge.

How and when are reports available?

Once the order is completed, you receive the detailed Report in PDF by email (80 % of them the same day as the Inspection).

How do approve / reject the production online?

From the "Reports" tab of your online account, you can select a Report and clickorbased on the Inspector's findings.

If you approve the production, Quasatek will send an email to your supplier informing them that they can ship your goods. If you reject the production, you will need to liaise directly with your supplier to decide further actions to take, including possible re-Inspection.

How do you modify personal details?

On your online account, you can access and update your personal details from the "Profile" tab. Please note that you will need to contactQuasatek account manager to change your login name.

What types of products does Quasatekinspect?

Quasatekis expert in a wide range of product lines, from textile and garments to electronics, toys, automotive, houseware, building materials, lighting etc...

There are products I want to inspect, but they are not in your offer list?

Contact us and give us the details of the product. We will let you know if we can inspect it.

Would anyone from your company contact me after I have placed the booking?

Once the booking is completed online, it will automatically be scheduled and executed by us and thereport will be uploaded to your account.
For some circumstances, when we need more information from you or we need to schedule on adifferent date, we will notify you. Of course, please feel free to contact us at any time if we can be ofassistance.

How much is the travel cost for an inspection?

The service fee already includes the travel costs.

I have a large Purchase Order, but am planning to ship only a portion at this time.What should I do on the booking form?

If you are planning to ship only a portion of your P.O., please input the shipment quantity onto theP.O. Quantity field in the system. You may request us to inspect the remaining products of the making another booking online.


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